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What We Provide


Access to infrastructure for all your requirements: AWS Cloud credits, Tech & Computing infra, Design & Other Resources

Funding & Support

Financial Support, No Operational Overhead, Finding the right team


Hands-On Personalised Coaching, Mentoring by Industry Experts, Extensive Network Of Talent Pool and Investor Access

Driven to complete your project, without anxiety on commitments / risks



Bootcamp to discover deep tech product

Come with your own project idea, or participate in our bootcamp identified interesting industry-wide problems, backed by corporates


Turn the idea in to a product

Access to tools, hosting, APIs, data sets, mentors, designers & anything else you may require to take your idea to the next level


Get your career a 10x jump

Sell your project, convert in to startup or just cash-in the prize money and move on with your life


What is the duration of the program?

Are there any time commitment requirements to meet?

Is there any academic requirement e.g GPA requirements to join the program?

How are the participants selected for the program?

Who are the mentors?

What resources and support does the program provide to selected students?

What type of problems are eligible for the program?

How is the financial support provided?

Can team members be from different academic years/ departments?

Are participants required to attend in-person sessions or can the program be completed remotely?

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RR Campus

Ananya +919980547328

Kiriti +918310535589

EC Campus

Pradyun +919663928924

Deepika +918553030046

12th Floor CIE Office,
B Block PES University, Outer Ring Road , Bengaluru

4th Floor, CIE Office,
Main Block, PES University,
Electronic City Campus, Bengaluru

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